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Tenants’ fees

If you find a property that you would like to rent, here are some costs that you may also need to take into account in addition to home and contents insurance, council tax and utilities (all prices include VAT):

Fees payable on application, in addition to the holding deposit

Application fee £250
Guarantor fee (where additional guarantor required) £75
Pet fee (deposit per pet) £100
Fast track fee (to move in within 5 days, subject to availability) £100
Non-refundable credit card fee 2.5%
Non-refundable debit card fee 50p
Company application fee (where the tenant is a company) £300

Mid-tenancy fees are chargeable in the following circumstances

Extensions to tenancy agreement (for periodic and fixed term extensions) £70
Amendments to tenancy agreement (e.g. addition/removal of a tenant) £50
Letters for any breach of tenancy £30
Failure to attend an appointment at property for inspection or contractor £30
Credit control - should Grow Property be required to chase collection of rent at any time
Telephone call £5
Letters and default payments e.g. returned standing orders £30

End of tenancy fees are chargeable in the following circumstances

Check-out inspection £60
Reference provided by Grow Property to an external party e.g. mortgage company or other lettings agent £30
Refund of overpayments e.g. rent after expiry of tenancy £30
Arrangement of remedial works following tenant damage to property, or other obligations not fulfilled - you will be liable for payment in full for the works, together with an admin fee equal to 15% of the cost of the work carried out Min £30

Guide to renting

If you are about to rent a property, make sure you take a look at the government guide.

In there you will find checklists so that you know that you have everything you need to apply for your new home and to ensure you know what you and your landlord are responsible for once you are in.

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