Row of terraced houses in Wrexham

Let Only Service in Wrexham

As a landlord your top priority is renting out your property and we are here to help.

Our Let Only service, Wrexham is specifically targeted to ensure that you get the best tenants with the minimum of hassle through a comprehensive package of services. When you opt for our Let Only service we will be with you throughout the entire process, from marketing your property at the value it deserves, to eventually handing the keys over to your tenant.

Blue sky above two Wrexham rental properties

Here’s what we do:

1. A rental evaluation
We will carry out a rental valuation of your Wrexham property to ensure that you rent at the market price.

2. Buildings and contents insurance
We will also give you all the advice regarding essential building and contents insurance. As a landlord you will generally need contents insurance if the property is furnished in case of damage or theft, for example.

3. Marketing and advertising
Our Let Only service Wrexham will ensure that potential tenants can easily gain access to details of the properties via a variety of marketing and advertising strategies, including our ‘To Let’ Board, Rightmove, On the Market, Facebook, Twitter, office board.

4. Accompanied viewings
Once we have sourced prospective tenants we can book viewings with an agent who knows the Wrexham area and can answer all relevant questions, for example about local amenities such as schools, shops, medical centres etc. We believe local knowledge is amongst our strongest assets, placing us above online lettings services done remotely.

5. Obtaining references
Our Let Only service extends to obtaining references and dealing with credit searches and we will also collect the first month’s rent and the deposit.

6. Tenancy agreements
We will also ensure the tenancy agreement is signed. When a landlord lets property, a tenancy agreement is an essential. It’s a contract between you and the tenant that gives both of you certain rights. For example your right to receive rent for letting the accommodation and the tenant’s right to occupy the accommodation. The tenancy agreement should be signed by you, the landlord and all tenants and if there are joint tenants, each tenant should receive a copy of the agreement.

7. Organising Initial Gas and Electrical Safety Checks and EPC
Before a tenant moves into your property you the landlord must ensure that tenants in your property are always supplied with heating and hot water through safe, working appliances.
If either utility fails and you do not move fast to provide repairs or alternatives, you’ll be in breach of the tenancy agreement under the ‘keep the property in repair and free from hazard’ clause - the only exception being if damage has been caused maliciously by your tenant.
You’ll also need an energy performance certificate and all rented property (both domestic and non-domestic) which is to have a new tenancy must have an EPC rating of at least "E"

8. Handing over the keys
Once all the paperwork is checked and we have ensured absolutely everything is in place we will be there to hand over the keys to your tenant.