What is Outsourcing Management and how could it work for you

02/06/19What is Outsourcing Management and how could it work for you

You may have heard of the term before and wondered what it was and how it works. Grow Property has recently launched a new division to its business entitled Outsourcing Management. It is targeted towards busy property specialists such as estate agents, construction, asset managers, property developers, builders, and surveyors. Whilst you may think there may be a conflict of interest and wondering how and why Grow Property would want to work with them, but our aim is to work in partnership. You may know or be a newly formed builder, wanting to add a property to two to your portfolio but unsure of the legislation or want to deal with the administration aspect or a well-established estate agent who may want to take a step down but still retain an income, 


As a trusted established and profitable business, Grow Property want to act as this target audience’s outsourcing agent, whilst allowing them to retain their rental management books, allowing them to still earn an income and retain their brand. Our experienced team manages all aspects of their property portfolio for them. There really is no catch. Outsourcing management also allows the company to reduce their overheads including staffing and administration, plus we manage the relationship between their tenants and the repair and maintenance of their rental properties. 


So if you still earn a rental income but with less hassle, give us a call on 0333 009 0901 and see how Outsourcing Management could work for your business.  


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