How can I increase the chance of selling my house?

23/09/20How can I increase the chance of selling my house?

Ever wondered why some houses are snapped up in an instant and others are on the market for ages? If you’re looking to sell don’t let yours be the latter. Not only will house hunters be put off by the fact nobody’s buying your place, you could eventually lose money on any sale if the price has to be dropped.

One thing you shouldn’t do, however, is a complete makeover just in order to sell. Imagine. You’ve been living in a house that’s needed a new kitchen and bathroom for ages and suddenly you’re installing a new one for a new owner. And do you know what? Chances are the buyers will say it’s not to their taste and rip it out. What you need to do is inspire prospective buyers. Give them space to imagine how they can transform the house into a place they will love.

There are plenty of things you can do that will make your property appealing and they don’t have to cost the earth.

10 ways to ramp up your home’s saleability

  1. Boost kerb appeal

First impressions are all-important (apparently people make up their mind about a property in a mere eight seconds) so you need to ramp up the property's kerb appeal. This could mean something as simple as painting the front door. You can rejuvenate knobs and knockers using metal polish to remove the rust and dirty spots. And a fresh coat of paint allows you to add colour and character to the door itself.

Another quick and cheap way to rejuvenate your home is to take steps to make your pathways pristine. That means making sure there are no weeds sprouting between paving stones and give your entrance a quick power wash to remove stains and dirt.

  1. Declutter

You want to give prospective buyers the chance to imagine what it’s like living in the property, (not living in the property with all your stuff) so get rid. You should either put it in storage, sell it or bin it but don’t overdo it. Bland beige walls with a couple of sofas and no pictures on the wall will only make the house look unloved. Stylish personal touches will give it personality. Remember you’re selling a lifestyle as much as a house when you put your property on the market.

  1. Paint the walls

This is all about freshening everything up but if you stick to lighter colours it will make your home seem lighter and more spacious, plus it will make the rooms habitable immediately.

  1. Repair and clean

If there were two homes in the neighbourhood exactly the same but one had a broken gate, and cracked tiles in the kitchen and the other didn’t, chances are you’d choose the latter. Minor repairs cost so little yet have value when selling a property. Similarly washing everything until it sparkles will make a huge difference so get rid of limescale, clean and repair tile grout, ensure that there are no lingering smells (cigarette smoke is a no-no) and wax wooden flooring.

  1. Tidy the garden

It goes without saying that your garden should look at the very least, tidy and well-maintained. You want people to visualise how the garden will look when they’re in it, so you don’t have to go overboard by buying all the plants in the garden centre to make it look RHS-ready. If prospective buyers are inspired by the space, it’s enough.

  1. Update the kitchen

While it’s not a great idea to install a completely new kitchen which may not be to the new owner’s taste, property experts reckon it’s the most valuable room in the house, worth most per sq ft therefore it needs to look good. You might want to consider resurfacing kitchen cabinets to give them a more modern exterior but even painting cupboards and changing their handles can be effective. You should declutter kitchen tops to give the illusion of more space but add a few decorative flourishes such as a bowl of fruit or a lovely jug full of flowers. You could look at upgrading the plumbing and white goods but while this might increase the chances of selling, it’s a gamble whether you’ll get a return on your investment.

  1. Light a fire

If viewings are taking place in winter what could be nicer than stepping into a room aglow with a real fire? The smell of woodsmoke and the flickering flames will make your home seem lovely, warm and welcoming.

  1. Make space

Unless your home has rooms the size of a football pitch, it’s a good idea to create the illusion of more space. You’ll already be halfway to this by decluttering and painting rooms light airy hues, but think about other ways in which you can make everything look bright and spacious. Mirrors are one of the simplest ways to make a room look bigger, so consider putting them in hallways, smaller bedrooms and cloakrooms. Ramp up the illumination with strategically-placed lamps in darker corners and get rid of dark heavy curtains at windows. Consider buying some track lighting if your sitting room, or kitchen is dark. It’s is an incredibly versatile, flexible option for lighting your home and the new generation models are bang on trend.

  1. Create a sense of theatre

Think of each room as a film set and dress it for it’s starring role as a ‘desirable property’. Ensure that windows are framed by blinds or curtains (naked windows are so unattractive). A bowl of beautiful blooms on a table can bring a splash of colour to an otherwise neutral decor, add posh scented candles and buy new bedding, throws and quality cushions to suggest luxury (the great thing is you can take these with you when you leave).

  1. Eliminate odours

Sure you might have lived happily with the stink of cigarettes or wet dog over the years but other people will immediately notice bad smells. So whether it’s the drains, overfilled bins or smoke, you need to deal with the problem. Substitute wiffy smells for odours such as fresh baking and ground coffee.

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